Items to Sponsor

Wish List Items $1000 - 5000   

Front Landscape              $4000

Back Landscape              $4000

Planter boxes                     TBD

Outdoor tables, benches    TBD

Break Room appliances   $2000

Bulletin Board                    $500

Wish List Items $11,000 - 25,000. 

Front Portico, name plate included        $23,000

Back Portico, name plate included        $20,000

HVAC screening, name plate included  $12,000

Wish List Items $6000 - 10,000

Keyless security system locks   $8000

Front concrete pavers                $8000

Front Asphalt ADA parking        $6000

Back Portico HVac (2).jpg
Portico back (2).jpg
12-9 design renderings (3).jpg
How to Sponsor a Building Item

Email us the item you wish to sponsor - at

Use the Donate button below to give the item amount. We will confirm your choice and donation by email.