1999 Joshua Gibson, a local student and Eagle Scout Project. A survey established interest for a Library in Templeton. An idea was born  THANK YOU  JOSHUA

2000 Templeton Community Library Association (TCLA) was formed as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Corporation

2001 TCLA entered into a lease with the Templeton Unified School District for land to build the library for $1.oo per year. Architect Robert Louis McCormick began the design process. SLO Board of Superviors began discussions regarding land use, parking, rezoning, etc. 

2002 Architect submitted updated draft of design to meet County Library specifications.

2003 County Superviors authorized $50,000 for design costs. Minor Permit application was filed and other plan changes where made.

2004 Archaeolgists began work to determine site was suitable for building

2005 more suitability work conducted.

2006 Cal Poly comes to our rescue and completes the field study

2007 Minor Use Permit is issued by the County

2008 TCLA submitted Building Permit to County

2009 TCLA Build Permit was approved

2010 TCLA Building Permit was issued

2011 Cambria and Atascadero Libraries recieved County funding over Templeton.

2012 Local citizens establish the Templeton Book Room as a temporary way of promoting the Library

2013 TCLA meets with SLO officals to discuss issues with Library being on Templeton Unfied School District property

2014 Agreement reached with school district and TCLA on SLO County funding issues regarding costs exceeding 50% shared cost.

2015  TCLA has several more meetings with SLO Supervisors to disscus building cost and cost sharing requirements

2016 TCLA is told County Library Department does not have money in budget to operate Templeton Library.  SLO County requires TCLA to conduct a new survey to assure there is local interest in the library. Result strongly supports library.

2017 Supervisor John Peschong makes formal request of SLO County to be included in the Counry budget for 2017 and 2018

2018 TCLA meets with Supervisor John Peschong to confirm that when the TCLA meets its 50% funding goal that the County will match our funds. 

2019  TCLA is short by $600,000 give or take of meeting our 50% goal for County match funding. Fund raising is underway and it is full steam ahead. It now appears that with determination and hardwork by the Templeton community we will reach our goal. Please donate as it is imparitve that we win this battle to secure Templeton's place in the County by having our own library to serve our local community. It will be a place to 'gather and grow' for our independent community.

2019 Summer --New Vision Plan was born. Ground work has begun, utilities are extended to the library property so that work may begin.  Temporary power for the construction site will be installed soon. 


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President: Shirley Sigmund email: ssjnj@hotmail.com                    Vice President: Wayne Petersen                          Treasurer: Jo Ann Jones email momjones@gmail.com

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