Estimated Budget:
$150,000 - Land(has been secured), pre-construction, utilties, grading, engineering, etc

$450,000- Construction (using modular type building, interior build-outs (TI)
$105,000 - Landscaping, furnishings, books, etc. (donations are being sought)

$120,000 - Administration, marketing, fundraising expenses, hiring full-time and part-time librarians, library volunteers

$ $825,000-Total capital expenditures

$2,500,000 - Program endowment


Already secured: $1,596,445


Templeton Community Library Association is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit corporation

Templeton Community Library Association has attempted to raise money for the last 18 years through grass roots efforts to build a community library.

After many years of raising money and working with the promise of matching funds from our county we have come to the realization that waiting on the county could be a very long wait. In the meantime,  many school-aged children have gone without a local library. I do not know of a community the size of Templeton that does NOT have a library.  We believe that everyone should have easy access to a local library. People say there are libraries in Paso Robles and Atascadero, so why a library in Templeton? The reasons are many that a local library is needed. The first and foremost reason is, kids can't get to the other libraries without transportation, and there is extremely limited public transportion system for them to use. The Las Tablas and Twin City Hospital are the closest pick-up and drop points in Templeton. Our library site is within walking distance of our schools. Our library will contain a 1500 square foot community room for public use.


 The TCLA board of directors was tasked many years ago with building a library. Now the time has come to make good on that promise. Through the hard work and dedication of many local citizens we are about to begin the building process.  To date, $1,596,445.87 has been raised through local donations. Recently, the Board was presented with an alternative plan, The NEW VISION PLAN, by which we can use the money raised to self-fund the construction of the library without the help of the county. Templeton has always been an independent minded community, and we are following in the same ideal. These funds will be used to to cover pre-construction expenses, engineering, soils report, permit fees, payments to lease a modular type building, furnishings, build-outs, insurance, staffing (one full-time and one part-time librarians), marketing, materials for the library and fees to join the 'Black Gold' resource sharing system.

Our local County Supervisor, John Peschong, is dedicated in his efforts to help secure a 'memorandum of understanding' (MOU) from the County on behalf of TCLA that will provide the library with annual operating funds. Once the construction of the library is completed, we intend to hand the library over to the County of San Luis Obispo Library Department.


Presently, TCLA is continuing with our capital campaign to raise $2,000,000 with the hope of building a permanent library in the future. San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will decide how the County will provide the remaining and operational costs for the library. We hope to see our tax dollars come back into 'OUR' community.


 The TCLA will continue to solicit in-kind donations from building material dealers, landscaping firms, and other vendors and suppliers.

Community members are encouraged to serve as Library Ambassadors to help open doors with businesses and their friends for additional funding.



Once the TCLA building fund achieves its goal of $2,344,000 for permanent construction, furnishing, and equipment, we will re-approach the county for help in building the permament building. We believe we will reach our goal in 2025 with your help.

In addition to seeking construction funds, TCLA is seeking $2.5 million in cash and planned gifts to fund an endowment which will provide program funding. The library’s major donor wall will honor those individuals, businesses, and organizations which helped bring our vision to fruition. If you'd like to know more about naming opportunites please contact the TCLA directly.

The new Templeton Community Library will present a rare opportunity to showcase the small town of Templeton in ways few buildings have in its 115-year history. The library will be a continuing beacon in the Templeton community for generations to come. By bridging the electronic divide between community members, outreach and community engagement, youth services, providing new venues for cultural education and public dialogue, it will forever change Templeton’s intellectual landscape. Consider becoming part of this change by making a donation today.

Thank you to ALL donors, and a special thanks to a few generous community philanthropists.

President: Shirley Sigmund email: ssjnj@hotmail.com                    Vice President: Wayne Petersen                          Treasurer: Jo Ann Jones email momjones@gmail.com

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