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Templeton Community Library Association Welcomes You

Building a place to Gather and Grow

Templeton Community Library Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.  We welcome members and residents to join us in building a Library for Templeton.  Despite Covid restrictions we have been developing a plan to place a modular Library on our leased site at the corner of Main Street and Vineyard Dr. in the Templeton High School parking lot. The County of SLO announced they are unable to contribute funds to this project. We received approval of our plans and budget from Templeton Unified School District.  The Templeton Library will be a public space specifically designed for Templeton that serves the learning and technology needs of our residents.

Building on a Promise

Our Vision

Deliver a new modular library and provide library services in participation with SLO County for the Templeton Community.

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Book Room

Now open Tue -Fri 1 to 5 pm.  Our Small Book Room is staffed to help you borrow or donate books!

Our Building Site and Plans

Members approved our modular Library plan at the corner of Main Street and Vineyard Drive.  We have a CEQA study in progress.

Special Donors

Legacy donors to Remember. Margaret Radunich Anderson was native to Templeton.  Her bequest put us over the top to build the Library. 

We are active in our Community 

   Special Donors

                Legacy Donors to Remember

   Margaret Anderson Radunich was an early loyal supporter of the TCLA Building Fund. She passed away in 2018 and left a large gift to TCLA to help build a library    Another contributor George Hearst gave a personal donation of $100,000, which TCLA hopes to honor with a Reading Nook in the new library.


Mission Statement

The purpose of this non-profit Corporation is to establish and maintain an association of persons in support of the establishment of a library within the Templeton area of San Luis Obispo County.


Templeton used to have a Library.  It was built in 1915 as a Reading Room by the Templeton Women’s Civic Club on a lot on Main Street that the Templeton Board of Trade donated. 

The Reading Room eventually became a library, listed in 1919 County records, and noted in last year’s SLO County Centennial Celebration of Library Services.  However, the County closed Templeton Library along with 4 other branches in 1978 after Proposition 13 was enacted.  The County later re-opened the other 4 branches, but not Templeton.

Templeton Community Library Association (TCLA) was formed in 2000 as a 501(c)3 corporation to continue a young Boy Scout's (Josh Gibson) idea to build a community library in Templeton as his Eagle Scout project. In collaboration with SLO County Officials, the plan was to partner 50-50 on the funds needed with SLO County to build Templeton a public Library. 

In 2001, TCLA signed a lease with Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) for a portion of the High School parking lot at the corner of Main Street and Templeton Road, Templeton, as a library building site. Over the years TCLA organized and fundraised to match with the County for a traditional stick-built building on the site. But in March 2020, the County announced there are no funds for library facilities in the foreseeable future. TCLA is now pursuing building a smaller modular library on a reduced budget. We will  negotiate with the County for an MOU to operate the modular library.  An interim operating plan using volunteers is possible until that MOU is final.  

TCLA operates a small Book Room lending library on Main Street, run by our volunteers. The Book Room now located in the Recreation Department is open Mon - Fri, 12:30 to 5 pm. 


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